Thursday, September 12, 2013

Home Improvements

Well, we are officially in the waiting period for Baby Shank...technically it could be any time now! I must say, it's very hard to wait patiently...I'm very ready to have this whole labor thing over with and meet our baby! Also, due to being a bit uncomfortable (and to knowing I could go into labor at pretty much any time), I've stopped running errands and stuff on my own without Daniel, and I've been trying to not get too far from home, so I spend a lot of my time at today writing a blog post sounded like a good idea to fill some time! :)

Of course, I don't stay at home ALL the time...Daniel makes sure I get outside to walk some every day, and we're still trying out all the yummy places to eat that we have near us. This morning we went back to the French bakery that's down the road from us to try their quiche for was excellent! And yesterday, since Daniel was working from home, we took a nice break to walk a couple of streets over for a yummy bakery treat, intending to try a different French bakery that is over that way. But when we passed the Italian bakery we'd been to a couple of weeks ago that we loved, we were too tempted by their scrumptious looking chocolate pastries in the window and ended up stopping there instead. We brought them home and had pastries and coffee in our garden :)

Seriously, who could resist these? (The round one on the left is a rum ball...the other I didn't catch the name of, but it was a lovely moist chocolate cake covered in rich chocolate frosting)

Anyway, in other news, we've been making some improvements around the terrace since the last time I posted.

Like curtains! We love these purple ones in our main room.
And green ones in the kitchen
And we've added to our plant collection a bit more, and also started to repot some of the plants we've gotten.

I love our violas in these hanging planters we've hung at the front of the house.
More violas in our bedroom windowsill

Some of our other plants awaiting repotting

Main room and kitchen windowsill

The back area of the garden...we do intend to get actual nice looking furniture back here at some point, but for now these three pieces we've found around the neighborhood for free are serving us all right :)

Our little cyclamen is doing well :)

And perhaps most importantly in house improvements, we've finally gotten the nursery mostly finished!

The wardrobe

We're going to put pictures in the frame from the newborn session we'll be doing once baby is here.

The fireplace...the chair is just a stand in until we find a chair we really like for this space.

Yay for pennants! :)

All the little friends waiting for baby!

Changing table...see all the diapers ready and waiting? :)

The crib (in the center of the room as you enter). The big green thing to the left is our pram.

The decorations above the floral animal art, and a beautiful dress made for baby by Mrs. Eva Hargett. I couldn't stand to put it away because it was too pretty. so I'm glad we found a way to display it.

Our pram...some of our sweet friends at church had a neighbor looking for someone to give this too, so they got it for us. It's a real European pram, made in Sweden. We're looking forward to going for neighborhood strolls with it!
So there's a bit of what we've been up to lately...hopefully our next post will be introducing you to Shankhall Terrace's newest little addition!


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