Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Shanks of Shankhall Terrace

So finally, as promised, here's a tour of our terrace! (Oh, and about the name in the title...lots of the terraces in Melbourne have names written on them from when they were built. Ours didn't, but we thought it'd be fun to name it, and the only thing we seem to be able to come up with is Shankhall...so Shankhall Terrace it is!) :D 

Also, these photos were taken at different times, not all at once, so there are some slight variations in placements of things if they got moved between the time we took one photo and the time of another.
Our house is the one in the middle, behind the silver car

Our front door and porch area

Our front gate
Coming in the front door

The main hallway
If you take your first left after coming in the front door, you're in the nursery, which is still very much a work in progress. For example, we are hoping to find a chair to put where the bassinet is now, and the room needs some more decor. But it's functional now, which is good!
Fireplace in the nursery
Changing table beside the fireplace
Wardrobe across from the crib (We have no built in closets, so we had to find wardrobes to keep our stuff in)
If you leave the nursery and take your next left in the hallway, you'll be in our bedroom. This is our chest of drawers, to the right of the bedroom door as you enter.
Our bed
Our bed and the wardrobe beside it
The ceiling light in our bedroom
Our bedroom window looks out on the garden.
If you leave the bedroom and go to the end of the hall, you are in our main room.
Our chairs
The heater and mantel
The built in bookcase next to the mantel
Our really large bookcase, across from the mantel. You can also see the side door to the garden. The tables folded up next to the door are our all purpose tables...we use them to eat on or work on our laptops while we are in our chairs, because we don't have any space to put a dining table anywhere in the house.
Go through the main room and you come to the kitchen
Kitchen window (with plants in the sill...Daniel decided to keep them there until I find a pot to repot them all in)
Door between the kitchen and laundry room
Laundry room...right now we don't have a washer, so we just keep miscellaneous things in here, like my black shopping trolley I use when I go grocery shopping. We aren't sure yet if we are buying a washer or not, since there is a laundromat that is a 2 minute walk from the house. If we don't buy a washer, we might put something in here so we could have a little coffee/tea prep area and clear some space in the kitchen.
Right off the laundry room is the bathroom
There was no mirror in here, so we had to get adhesive mirrors from IKEA to put up, hence the unconventional line pattern. Also, the plants are no longer in the windowsill, they were just inside to try to revive them (which Daniel was very successful with, you'll see how nice they look in the garden pictures now)
So the bathroom is the last room in the house...if you go back to the main room and out the side door, this is our garden. (Those plants hanging on the fence are the dead looking ones in the bathroom photo)
The back of the garden, behind the house
Hmm...wonder what's in the little garden shed?
An old toilet! This was quite a surprise to find when we moved in...just one more quirk of living in an old house!
The back of the house
Our back garden gate
The alley behind our garden that the back gate leads to
So, there's our house! It's still a work in progress, but we're proud of how nice it looks now, and we finally have most of the things that make living in a place comfortable! 


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